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We stayed at the Beaconlight Guesthouse during February 2005. We arrived later than planned and called them first and they kindly left a key for us to collect so that we could get in after they had retired for the evening.

Next morning, woke up to a fresh smell of coffee and homemade baked goods... went downstairs and was greeted by two golden retrievers (Jessye and Potter).

We helped ourselves to breakfast and then went and had a walk around Provincetown... on the hole, Provincetown is a nice place, but boy was it dead, it was like a ghost town and even in February Christmas Decorations were still up in shop windows (which was most amusing). There were a few Restaurants open in the evenings to go to.

However, back to the Guesthouse. It was a charming place and I would of course stay there again, our two Hosts were great and friendly. (Sam and John I think).

I tend to use InterContinental Hotels, but this was a breath of fresh air, much more of a personal service, give it ago, you won't regret it unless you don't like dogs... :) Huw

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