Eye-Candy Hotel, Leaves a sour taste A review of Hilton Americas - Houston

The hotel is in a great location and you would thing it would be a natural drawer for conferences, meetings and business trips. With its strategic location to the main sports centers (Minute Maid, Toyota Center, Convention Hall, etc) a meeting planner begins to salivate when they see the place and thing about the savings in trave expense, add in the grad diosece architecture of the first floor and you think that you have found the right hotel.

WRONG!!! Once you check in it is all down hill and I mean without brakes, or safety net.

1) I reached my hotel room and .. the door was open with the safety latch stuck. I contacted security and they never showed up to the room.

A cleaning maid, literally picked the lock with a credit card, again this was the in-room safety latch!!

2) There was no shower water pressure. Zero. It felt like you could walk through a lawn sprinkler and had better results 3) The restaurant food was terrible. They have three restaurants and I tried them all. The room service from the cafe arrived in about hour and it was burnt, when I called back they told me it would take another 45 - 60 minutes to replace. I asked for the restaurant manager, the hotel manager and they were not available. I asked for a call back and it never came. I asked for a credit to my bill and I didnn't receive until I complained at the front desk. The skyline cafe has a menu of maybe 3 entrees, pretty slim picking. The so-called steakhouse, Spencers, is rated at a 6.8 out of 10. In Houston, that is like cheap hamburger. Anyway, me and my party of 5 went to the Astros game and our plan was to have a late night dinner. We made this decision because the hours of service listed in the hotel guide showed 5PM to midnight for Spencers. We arrive at Spencers at about 10:15 and were told that the kitchen had just closed. I protested that the hours of service were posted in the hotel guide and I was told..oh well they are wrong. They then offered us their bar menu, which of course we declined.

4) Don't try the taxis, they don't like short trips. We reported two cabs to the Taxi Commission because they actually tried to put us out of the cab..i.e. circled back to the hotel, after we told them our destination was a short trip 5) Finally, I left some property in my room. I contacted the hotel and after me transferred all over the place, security assured me that they woudl check the room and lost-and-found and contact me with the result.

I am still waiting,,maybe they are trying to figure out where my room is, after all they never showed up there either

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