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My daughters and I stayed at the Xanadu as a result of being booked through Diamond Holidays, for 3 nights beginning Dec. 23, 2002. Due to renovations, the lobby was non-existent. When we walked into the hotel, if not for a construction worker, we had no idea where or how to check in. There was no sign leading to the offset office. It did not end there with how incompetent and horrible this hotel proved to be. The staff was un-welcoming, very rude, quite stand-offish, and upon asking them questions, we were answered in a tone of voice that made me feel like they thought we were stupid. When we left the office, we were not given instructions to the best way to the room. Once again that was provided by a construction worker. I will admit the room was very lovely; it overlooked the marina and was spacious. We had only two towels for the three of us and calling for extra proved a waste of time. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere. Diamond Holidays said there would be a free shuttle to town - Wrong! There were cabs which ranged between $9 and $17 depending on your destination and that was one way. Diamond Holidays said there was a Hot Tub. Wrong again! The pool was freezing, but the chairs were fine to sit in. We spent alot of our time at the Holiday Inn Sunspree Oasis Resort at the International Market Place. Now, that was a great place with hot tub, and lots of people. Xanadu had almost no one staying there. As for meals, that was a joke. We tried having breakfast, but the one spaced out waitress could not even tell us the cereals they had without going to look, plus she took forever getting anything, that one other guest got up to serve water. There were only like 6 people in there - I am telling you the waitress was a space cadet. Needless to say, we walked out, left to complain to the less than friendly office, received no satisfaction of course. The water-pouring guest was right there behind us complaining as well. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. If


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Xanadu Beach Resort and Marina
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