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Just back from a 4 day trip to Prague. Can only endorse the positive reviews already listed, there is a quiet and intimate feel to the place and the staff are very friendly and helpful. It is situated just away from the the tourist centres but within walking distance of the Castle and the 'Old Town' . What is really impressive is the attention to detail eg. they have a collection of reading glasses just in case you lose or forget your own pair. and if you have a late flight not only can you store your bags in the basement, there is a bathroom and shower room provided for late travellers to 'freshen up'. The hotel is very orientated to British visitors and for sports lovers you can watch all the Skysports footy games free of charge in the lounge area. Although there is no bar you can get alcholoic and non alcholic drinks from reception.

As for Prague itself it is small enough to walk around but a day travel pass is only 70k.


Try 'U Benedikta' on Benedickta 11. Its in the Lonely Planet Guide and is still a very cheap and good quality Czech restaurant. We also found a very reasonable French Restaurant called Universal tucked away a block behind Tesco's I think the street was Vorsika leading to Jircharich.


Toy Museum

Within the Castle but you have to pay separately its small but but has an excellent collection of German and Czech tin toys

Convent of St Agnes

Carvings and paintings from 1300 to 1500 superbly displayed

Trade Fair Palace: Centre for Modern and Cont. Art

World Class collection of African Sculpture and reasonable European works with obvious Czech focus.

National Museum

Escape from the shops for an hour and take in the Zoological specimens.


Image Theatre Lighthearted good fun value for money

Lanterna Magica

More sophisticated modern dance with projections

Hope this helps.

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