Enter at Your Own Risk A review of Lake Arrowhead Resort And Spa, Autograph Collection

Words cannot describe how appalled I am at multiple aspects of this resort. I will make this short. When you drive up to the property, you immediately notice construction equipment and materials all over the roof and parking lot. The lobby was torn apart and workers were everywhere. I checked in and figured I had seen the worst of it- silly me. I had to walk through a completely demolished corridor to get to my room on the other side of the building. There were power lines across the hallway, power tools I had to kick out of the way, piles of torn out carpet, and workmen acting like I was in the way. When I got to my room I called the desk to express how surprised I was that none of the construction was mentioned on the web site nor when I spoke with the hotel directly and that I could not walk to and from my room through all of that construction dust due to allergies. They offered to move me to another room for an additional charge!

When I said that I did not think that was fair, they said that they would move me with no additional cost. The newly renovated rooms are beautiful and if you plan to stay in your room, this property would be fine. Breakfast was delicious, but accompanied by jack hammers, saws and flying dust. There are no facilities for the kids, other than the pool. The "business center" is a single desk in the middle of the demolished lobby so wear a mask if you have work to do. At one point, I tried to find a way to my room that didn't include a trip through the loud, dirty lobby and I found myself in the "game room" that was full of tools, hardware, and completely open to the first floor, two stories below. If you have adventurous children, this place is an extreme danger.

Basically, this hotel was not at all up front about the extent of the renovation and how the construction would affect my stay. This was my first trip to Arrowhead Lake and unfortunately, this experience hasleft a very sour taste in my mouth. Don't risk it, wait until they are completely finished with the renovations before booking a stay at this resort.

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