Enter At Own Risk! A review of The Juliana

At first we thought it was a nice layout of the property was nice besides the big hill. Our room was smaller then we had expected, but we didn't complain about the space. My complaint was going out to dinner to come back to find out that the staff let strangers in our room looking for stuff that they thought was left behind without out our consent. Relatives had to stop them from walking away with our property. I reported it and it seem like I was the one in the wrong. Also, I had arguements the the owner because after checkout I spent the day at the amusement park and went back to the hotel say good-bye to my family which they had booked half the resort that week. Ten minutes later he approached me repeatively saying he will charge my credit card or pay him in cash for coming back on the property. My whole family was shock of the lack respect displayed by the owner. Other family members had their own problems with him also. We will never visit that resort again.

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