Enormous bill for poor service and mediocre food A review of Graycliff Hotel

We were visiting the Bahamas in February and planned our Valentine's dinner at Graycliff. We had dined there before and had great memories of the food, wine and service. What a disappointment.

As we perused the phonebook-sized wine list, we informed the sommelier that we were looking for a bottle in the $200 price range. He suggested a bottle that cost $290. When I protested the cost, the sommelier turned on his heel and walked away from us. I couldn't believe it. Out of sheer exasperation we ordered the $290 wine anyway when he returned. We then ordered our $50 steaks; my husband's arrived overcooked, and mine was oversauced.

Throughout the meal the service was erratic and incomplete. We poured our overpriced wine ourselves because there was never a server nearby when we needed it. There was never a particular waiter who presented himself as "our" waiter, so we didn't even know who to flag down. (The slightly surly hostess had taken our order.)

In all, the dinner cost us $600. The price was equivalent to the cost of exquisite meals we have had in Paris, New York and Washington; but the quality didn't even match that of our local steakhouse where we occasionally eat on weeknights. We left feeling robbed -- of our money, of the fine Valentine's dinner we had anticipated, and of our respect (note the performance by the sommelier.)

Don't go there. Try Dune or the Courtyard Terrace at the Ocean Club instead.

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