Enjoy the little things in life A review of Trapp Family Lodge

I skimmed the reviews on this page and I have to wonder what is going on with people these days. I have been going to the Trapp since I was six years old (24 now). I learned to Swim, dive, hike and enjoy the little things in life. If all you can complain about is wallpaper and not having camps for your kids. Come on now, you are in Vermont. Take your kids to Ben and Jerry's and hike up to the cabin. The Trapp is such a gorgeous place with so many hidden treasures. I still try to visit twice a year since moving to maryland from Mass. I have to say it has lost some of its spark, however, the spark is what you make of it. The views, the hiking, the relaxation. This is what the hills of Vermont are about. I feel bad for the people who give these awful reviews. Truely the Trapp is a wonderful place that I will always recommend people visit. Take in the History, take in the views and relax. That is what a vacation is for right? The timeshares are gorgeous and spacious. This place has been a treasure in my life and I hope all the critics out there find whatever flawless hotel room they are looking for. Just remember flaws are full of character and history. Embrace this place!!!

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