Eight dollar hot dog A review of Atlantis - Beach Tower

The one-dollar toll to get on the island should have been a tip off. Although $1 is not much they quickly made up for lost time. The buffet was OK but for $30 per person I expected a selection at least as good as our local river boat casinos.

Their casino had few customers and I quickly discovered why. Their payoffs were the lowest I have seen anywhere. Three of a kind paid the same as two pair. The Royal Flush jackpot was only $250 when playing a dollar on the quarter machine. Many machines were out of service or should have been in that the screens were so dim or so skewed you had trouble seeing the images. Than came the $8 hot dog. One greasy hotdog all by itself on a plain bun with no condiments. By the way, all bills come with the 15% tip built in but they also include a space for "extra gratuity". The first time I saw this place was from the deck of a cruise ship. From now on I’m going try not to even get that close.

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Atlantis - Beach Tower
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