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I stayed here in february of 2004. The parking garage is spooky...entering the hotel from the parking garage on the second level is even spookier. It made me wonder if someone would be waiting around the corner to grab me before i got to the elevator. There were plenty of cars there, but the floor we were on seemed deserted, and that was not a good thing. I was really spooked out by this place, and not in some sort of ghostly way, but it seemed like the perfect breeding ground for criminal activity. Our room was not that clean or comfortable. The door to the balcony was broken so a very ambitious theif could have gotten into our room had he/she wanted to climb up a few stories! This place just seemed run down. And the staff at the front desk...i'd give them a (C-) They sure took their time in everything they did and acted as if no one minded waiting triple the time it should normally take for a specific task to get done.

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Nu Velda Rose Resort Hotel
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