Eden at Long Last A review of Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

Have you ever booked a beach holiday based on what pictures graced the travel agency folder, only to discover that the photos didn't reveal what was actually hidden behind it all? A 4 lane highway? An open sewage plant? Thousands of people packed in to one small locale at once? Well, the Cape Santa Maria Resort is the opposite of all that. What you see barely covers what you actually get. The beach alone is woth the journey- miles of creamy white sand framing an impossibly turquoise bay. This is the stuff of dreams. The stunning beach is complemented by charming, tastefully appointed cottages that blend nataurally into the pristine environment. Crowds do not exist, the loudest noise you can expect to hear is the gentle lapping of the sea, or perhaps the singing of a few birds. Meals are resonably priced and always fresh and well presented by the ever smiling staff. There is no shortage of activities to take on- Kayaking, world class fishing, diving, snorkelling, or simple beach combing all await you. This is truly the best kept secret of the Bahamas- don't ask if you can afford to go, you can't afford not to.

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Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas
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