Early Motorcycle Destination A review of Greer Lodge Resort & Cabins

The wife and I had some unexpected time off at Spring Break this year so we decided to add a night at Greer in the Greer Lodge to the end of a long weekend in Tombstone and riding to the Chiricahua mountains. Had a great ride up highway 191 (the road was virtually empty) and the 60 miles of curves from Morenci to Alpine was amazing with the light traffic load.

We stayed at the Lodge in the main building, second floor in the Elk Pass room. We had a good dinner (a little pricey) and then enjoyed some of the best sleep we had had in many nights in the absolute quite and stillness. We were here when many were up skiing at the ski resort, so we did draw some attention on the big Harley cruiser. But we have weather gear and heated seats and handlegrips, so it was not unbearably cold. We waited till nearly noon to leave town (no problem with a late checkout) so the sun was high in the sky and rode past the ski resort on our way to Showlow. What a kick!

Overall an excellent location, but make sure you know what you are getting before you arrive. They own a half dozen properties and some are NOT the quality of the main lodge.

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