We went down to see a Giants-Eagles game me and 7 friends, the Hotel was in the middle of no wear but the building it self was great, very clean , the staff was very friendly and heplfull. We came back around midnight from NYC and decided to stop in the sports bar at the hotel. We ordered food and beer, we went back to order more beers and we where told it was last call it was 12:30...on a saturday night. They had a special on beer 2$ for coors light and we where told that they where all out so no more specials by the very rude and grumpy waiter (we tiped good we gave 1$ tip for every 2$ beer). I went to the front desk of the hotel to complain but i was told that the management was not the same. I then went back to the other waiter and i asked him if he could make us the same deal on the Bud after a few minutes he accepted and gave us one round and said that was it. A few minutes later a crowd of people started walking in and some where served drinks , they finally asked everybody to leave around 1h15 the was still lots of people with half finishes drinks, so we all left and finished our drinks in the lobby.....very classy!!!

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