Drugs, Drunks, Dysfunctional Management.... DISASTER! A review of Plantation on Crystal River

This horrible place is a pathetic dump where not even a manatee should stay! As far as I am concerned they stole our money.

We were promised a condo near the clubhouse, and final found our dirty room more than a mile away down a high traffic roadway. After arriving with our child (2years old) we found the A/C off, and DRUGS left over from a previous guest (presumably) in our room, and when we reported it to the front desk manager she asked us "if we had finished them... or could bring them to her!" As if I was going to pick them up.... I have never been so offended by a hotel worker in more than 15 years of travel. I told her I wanted to be moved and she said "Why, your threw the drugs away, why should we move you to a new room...?!" When we visited the pool area, we noticed that most of the other guests appeared to be dangerously drunken men stumbling around seeking more booze or a place to pass out.... which many had near the pool. At one point, I saw a man at the bar showing off a pistol! No kidding!

The list of disappointments goes on and on and on....

The worst disappointment was that the staff and management seemed to not only approve of all of these nightmarish characteristic events, but they were rude, petulent and brazenly obnoxious when we complained. I truly thought that there must be a hidden camera somewhere capturing my increasing levels of shock and horror as a practical joke...like Candid Camera." Unfortunatley, this was no joke, and I am only grateful that we were not hurt and were able to escape as soon as possible.

If you stay here...you are either a fool or more likely you are just tired of sleeping in your car or cardboard box.... ENJOY!

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