Dreadful place... A review of Roseland Ranch Resort

We have never had hardly any complaints on a vacation, but this was the worst! The staff ignored us, and when they paid attention to us they were quite rude. All of the activities promised by the brochure were hardly offered or not at all: There was only a nightly activity one night that we were there, which was a good DJ. But there was nothing to do the other night. The saloon was closed the whole time, so there was no way to get a drink, except through the front desk which closed by 9:30. The indoor pool was only open for an hour or two at a time 2 to 3 times a day, so we kept getting kicked out or missed the "pool times". There was no paintball, which was part of the reason we went. The store was never open. There was a skeleton staff. The food was all red meat or fried food, no vegetarian choices. There was only a choice of 2 or 3 entrees, usually only fried food or red meat. My son got sick after eating a funky tasting hamburger. They claimed to have a 10 pm pizza party, which consisited of throwing out some pizzas on a table at 9:30. My kids were constantly bored as the pool was always closed and there were huge lapses in time where there were no activities. As all ranch vacations, you have to ride with a group and can't go out on your own, which seems to be par for the course, but the other dreadful things about this place made it downright dreary.

We went to Rocking Horse Ranch last year which was the same price and was 100 times better: great food, tons of activities and all activities open all the time, such as wall climbing, pool, etc. Tons of friendly staff.

Roseland didn't seem to have much English speaking staff.

We couldn't wait to get out of this place. At least it's nice to be home!!

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Roseland Ranch Resort
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