Downhill in a hurry A review of Beaconlight Guesthouse

If you have stayed at the Beaconlight in the past and have not yet experienced it under the new ownership, here is what to expect. The warm welcome is gone. The comfortable common room and drawing room furniture is gone. The fresh baked breads and cakes are gone. The complimentary sherry, port and glass of wine are gone. The prompt cleaning of your room while you are at breakfast is gone. The Gilchrist and Soames toiletries are gone. The afternoon home baked cookies are gone. The guaranteed parking for your car is gone. Use of the first floor bathroom is gone. Even decaf coffee is gone. The pampering and care of the owners are gone. The level of comfort and service is gone.

Don't be mislead by the photos and descriptions on their website. The photos are of the old Beaconlight. The printed brochure that they have at the guesthouse features many photos of another guesthouse in Provincetown. The guestroom guidebook, complete with rules, refers to many businesses in town that are out of business. The common room is filled with formal Victorian seating, no tables to set a drink upon or proper lighting to read a book by. The new owners have placed additional furniture in the guest rooms, making them overcrowded and with no thought to the comfort of guests.

It is clear that these new owners are in it just for the money. There are plenty of other guesthouses in Provincetown where you will be made to feel welcome.

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