Dont stay there - in summer at least A review of Stanley Hotel

This hotel is not airconditioned and although I can appreciate the lack of it is due to restrictions placed on heritage buildings, I believe they should warn summer guests and make it obvious on their web site that there is no airconditioning.My room on the fourth (top) floor was unbearably hot and although there were fans provided (one of which was unuseable due to the pins on the plug being mishapen), I still suffered a totally sleepless night due to the heat of a midsummer night.Additionally, the room also needed a good clean. Surfaces were dusty and I had the misfortune to have to retrieve a pen dropped between the bed and the bedside table. Whilst there was ample room for the nozzle of a vaccum, clearly this had not been done for many a year! Yuk!My last complaint concerns the elevator. A wonderful ancient old thing as old as the hotel (born in 1909). Again, I can appreciate it is not possible to replace it with a modern one, but at the very least it should be manned during peak times. One has to wait for an overworked bellboy to eventually appear. I did not appreciate having to stand for 10 minutes in a very crowded and noisy lobby that was like a zoo thanks to the two very loud wedding celebrations going on, waiting for someone to appear and take me up to my room. It took two trips to reception to get someone. Conversely, I dont want have to wait for someone to fetch me if I want to go downstairs. One feels like a prisoner in your room!

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