Dont let Crowne plaza ruin YOUR trip to Amsterdam!! A review of Crowne Plaza City Centre

I stayed at the Crowne Plaza City Center from 12/18/02-12/28/02 at a great room rate. The hotel seemed to be nice enough. As usual, upon check-in the receptionist asked for a credit card for a "guarantee". I assumed it would be a pre-authorization that would be either removed upon check out, or simply applied to the bill,as is the case for most

hotels. I did not have to sign any receipt upon check in. In the evening of 12/27/02, I received a "message waiting" signal on the telephone. After waking from a nap, I went to

the receptionist to retrieve my message. (about 1 AM on 12/28/02) The man informed me that he was running the nightly report, and the only thing he could tell me at that time was that there was a problem with my credit card. It was a Visa check card, so I knew exactly how much money I did have available. I told the receptionist that I suspected that a pre-authorization was made on the account that is not being considered as part of the payment. He assured me that he fully understood what I was saying, although he could not verify it in the system. He told me not to worry, it happens all of the time, and can be

easily taken care of upon check-out later that same morning. I agreed. My flight home was scheduled at 13:30. I went down to check-out at about 11:00. The receptionist (a different man) told me that he had trouble with my credit card. He would not listen to me at all. I didn't have any other method of payment. To make a long story short, the hotel took a total of more than 500 Euro past the bill amount. Finally, at about 12:30, I was

allowed to leave and the manager on duty assured me that she would "sort it out with

Visa". I missed the return flight home, and as a result, was forced to use my cash that was

to pay for my parking at the airport, to reserve another night in Amsterdam. The ordeal

cost me a lot of money, not to mention the humiliation!!

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