Don, where are you when we need you? A review of Red Caboose Motel, Restaurant & Gift Shop

Mind you I give this rating to the original owner and creator of the Red Caboose Motel, Don Denlinger. I first visited the caboose in 1984 in the dead of winter and Don and his crew had treated me as family in the dozens of visits I made in the years afterwards. I was somwhat dimayed when Don gave up the caboose several years ago, but he left it in the capable hands of Kevin Cavanaugh who was just as caring and hospitable as Don had been. He also was forced to give up operation of the Caboose. What happened after that was a nightmare. I quickly found that the new operators had only their own interests in mind. I was born and raised in Lancaster Co. and that's not the way we treat our guests. My freind was also rooked out of a 130 dollar deposit. These new operators should be ashamed of running a great place like this into the ground. Thank you Don & Kevin for the good years!!!........Rich

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Red Caboose Motel, Restaurant & Gift Shop
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