This hotel is like a farm girl on her first night in the city. She looks cute from far away, but up close you'll see she's wearing the wrong eye makeup and shoes that clash with her belt.

In short, whoever designed the interior of this place needs a new career.

If you must stay here, don't dare have breakfast. If the Pentagon knew what the buscuits were made of, it would place an order to use in bullet-deflecting body armor.

What can I say positive? The beds are large and comfy, the rooms are dark, which is really all my wife and I needed for a great night away from the little people.

If you are traveling to St. Augustine, don't bother staying at the beach. The beach community is like a giant soup kitchen for disaffected youth and general miscreant who have abandoned any prospect of participating in useful society. Downtown is charming with great restaurants and shopping.

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