Don't waste your money A review of The Cove Atlantis

The Cove Atlantis is not near what it has been advertised to be. My husband and I just spent a week at the resort, and I do not want to relive the disappointment and the anger we had during our stay.

So I will keep this review short. DO NOT STAY AT THIS RESORT. I am a frequent traveler, and you can find much better service and ammenities for the price. A large portion of the ammenities that were promised to us were not available. Guests were constantly complaining to staff about unkept rooms, cold showers, TV/Radios that did not work, unaccessibility to ammenities, and overall poor service and flat out ignorance by the hotel staff.

*****If you are a couple who is looking to get away from children, you do not want to stay here. There are children running everywhere. We wanted to get away from all the families by staying at the ultra-chic adult pool and gaming area; but that too was not available to us. The hotel had security stopping and redirecting everyone that tried to walk over to it. We felt like we were trespassing on private property, when really we were paying for the area to be open to us.

******If you decide to stay here, do not expect quick service, if any at all. They don't call it "Island Time" for nothing.

******If you are dying to stay in the Bahamas, go to the Four Seasons Great Exuma. You will not be disappointed with the service. Stay away from Nassau and Paradise Island.

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