Don't stay at the Dragonfly! A review of Dragonfly Ranch - Healing Arts Center

This place is totally misrepresented in the Frommer's write up and the Dragonfly Ranch website. I wonder who at Frommer's visited this place or if they just went by what the proprietor wrote in. The first problem is that it is very overpriced for what is offered. Upon our arrival, we were inundated with extra expenses by Barbara, the owner. We prepaid, unfortunately, for 3 nights in the "honeymoon suite," which has two bedrooms. Some of the sleeping quarters were pretty scary and dirty.

And absolutely no privacy.We were told first thing that they neglected to charge us extra for our 2 kids, ages 5 and 14. We paid about $650 for 3 nights in advance. Barbara said that we would need to pay $25 per child per night plus hotel tax and other taxes. So about another $200.

Also, she highly suggested that we have dinner with them for $25 per person. That would be $100 per night and the money was "a contribution and tips were welcomed." The whole place is a throwback from the hippie days and not so clean. I wouldn't have had dinner there if it were free. She also tried to hit us up for blood tests to see what blood types we were and the test was $10 per person and a booklet was just $5.00 per person. There was a note in the room saying that they would like to clean our room for an extra $10.00 per day also. We skipped out after the 2nd night. We didn't even stay the 3rd night which we'd already paid for. It was too creepy! don't stay here...

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