Don't go until you read this A review of Hampton Inn Fort Lauderdale Downtown - City Center

Hello all, I am a 23 year old college student who opted to go to Ft. Lauderdale on Spring Break 2005. I just returned from Ft. L. so this review is hot off the press and will describe the current conditions of this hotel. First things first, we arrive and the front desk attendent gives us our key-card. I wouldn't call him friendly or welcoming, he was actually kind of distant and had a bit of an attitude. Throughout our 5 day stay, most of the Front desk clerks would emanate this kind of attitude, so it was something our party got used to eventually.

The elevators have retarded pictures in them (one of two donkeys, yes donkeys, and under the blurb "Road warriors"....yes im as confused as you are) and were a hassle to operate because you needed to put the key card in every time for "security". Obviously this didnt always work so we were frequently stuck in the elevator wondering if a retinal scan and fingerprint examination would be enough to get this damn thing going up.

The room was pretty welcoming. Comfortable bed, relaxing chairs, cute pictures: B+. BUT....and I kid you not, there was a TREMENDOUS smell of grilled cheese in the room. It was a smell that would not deteriorate and dissipate no matter what combinations of deodorant and lysol we flung at it.

We tried to evade the griled cheese by going in for a workout. Now, let me tell you, I wasnt expecting Gold's Gym here, but what they got here is a Closet with a Treadmill in it. They have one big machine that works all 239297 body parts but no free weights or bench. It has a treadmill and a stairclimber but if your looking to stay in shape at your hotel, this is not the place for you, although I did make ado with the machines and i got a DECENT workout.

On the bright side of the physical fitness aspect, the pool was fully functioning and enjoyable. The water was clean and it was fun to sunbathe there. BUT if your looking to make use of the Jacuzzi, don' was sorrounded by what looked like those Police Do Not Cross yellow banners because it was not functioning correctly.

Finally, the location. This hampton inn is located downtown. We wanted to go here bc we thought the majority of the clubs would be here. But they weren't. There is an area nearby called Las Olas, which is really expensive (think 7 bucks a beer) so we quickly figured out that this was not a great tourist spot. There was a restaurant called Max's Grille which was excellent and cheap and very popular. There's a Hooters and a club called Baja and one called Art Bar. Baja is good, but they wont let you in without a collared shirt. Art Bar is really kinda crappy.

Also, if your thinking about going to the beach at all, dont stay here, because cab rides to the beach cost 8 bucks (so 16 bucks over and back, plus tip, and floridians love those tips!) plus if you want to go back to the beach at night where all the cool clubs are such as Elbow Room, Beach Bums etc. its another 16 bucks.

CONCLUSION: if you want a trip full of sun and fun, go with a hotel on the shore. Thats where all the fun is. However, if EVERY SINGLE HOTEL on the shore is booked, this one can be an option.



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