Don't go there! A review of Sturbridge Host Hotel & Conference Center

We were very disappointed with this hotel where we stayed on Saturday night (30 October).

As well as a wedding reception and various poolside halloween parties, there was some kind of junior football meet going on and the place was heaving gangs of pre-teens whooping it up around the pool and in the corridors.

To get to our room we had to wheel our luggage through the pool area, brushing past hordes of dripping wet adults and children. Luckily we weren't put into a room overlooking the pool but our corridor stank of chlorine anyway.

Our room had a connecting door, through which we could hear every word of conversation in the room next door as well as kids playing gun-shooting video games or bouncing a football against the connecting wall. The walls to the corridor were paper thin too - at 6am the hallways were ringing with families knocking for each other and parents loudly rallying their offspring.

The room was badly in need of refurbishment with uncomfortable beds dressed with manky bedspreads and blankets and a couple of cheap foam pillows.

Because it was such an unrelaxing environment we didn't even contemplate eating dinner or breakfast at the hotel, feeling the need to escape the noise. So it was the local Friendly's and McDonalds for us followed by a trip to the next door discount liquor store for something to help us sleep despite the clamour around us! Altogether a disappointing end to our stay in the USA. I would not recommend this establishment.

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