Don't go for a nights sleep!! A review of Oceana Beach Club Hotel

After travelling around California for three months and staying at some

amazing places we decided to end our journey at the Oceana in Santa


We had a Ocean view room on the middle floor (Rm 221), and while the room was clean and beautifully presented the bathrobes and towels were grey and had holes in them.

The noise from the traffic and valet parking was bad enough but when

the room above us started doing their thing at 12.30 am we thought the

kids had woken up and were jumping on the bed in the next room. Not

only do they not have double glazing for street noise, but you can hear

every squeak, crack and footstep from the other rooms. And don't think

the breakfast room servive will revive you - its cold, rubbery and


We will not be coming back

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