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Went to the Palma Rima in March 2002, when we arrived it was a terrible shock, we were not expecting so much poverty etc. A bit shocked at the state of the hotel as well, but after 24 hrs and seeing everything around you, and the people of the Gambia then we were in luxury, these people have nothing and are happy, so as long as you go to the Gambia, not expecting too much and remember this is a very poor country you cannot be dissappointed.

The staff were fantastic, the food lovely and the weather perfect. it was my husbands 40th when we were there and the cleaners found a card in the room and put 40 flowers over the bed for him, it was lovely.

The staff are paid peanuts and work more hours than anyone i know and nothing is too much for them. We had a lovely holiday once we got over the culture shock, and maybe one day we will return.

Think the travel agents should prepare you for the shock though. We stayed in a bungalow, and it was cleaned every day and everyone was very friendly. Heard the hotel has been improved since our visit so don't know what is like now but once you get over the poverty (if you can) then its a very enjoyable holiday. The entertainment team were supposed to be the best in the Gambia, they were ok but repetative and the nightclub was always empty. oh yes and if you try to find the tv room which is advertised, and you actually do you will be lucky.

Anyone wanting go find out whats going on at home then there is a nice pub called Churchills round the corner, with nice food and drink and a TV.

The holiday reps will try to scare you about going out and talking to the locals, they also told us that if you left anything in your room then be prepared for it to go missing. This was not true, everything was safe we left the cleaner money on several occassions and she never touched it, in the end we had to hand it to her. And dont be afraid to go out the bumbsters will come up to you and talk but just say no, or be friendly with them, they will show you everything and just give them a tip. They are lovely people. enjoy your holiday

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Palma Rima Hotel
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