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You know those bathrooms you'd expect to see in run down apartment complexes that are 20 plus years old, that's what kind of bathrooms are in this place. The carpet is clean. View is not bad, if you don't mind looking at the roof and ac units for the next building over. There were a few stains on the pillows. Hotel restaurant food and service are awful. We ordered pancakes for breakfast one morning. The fruit they put on it was rotten. It took forever to be served. The hotel is running a time share service in the lobby and they will drive you nuts. For two hundred a night, forget it. They'll tell you it's only a hundred and seventy but there's some extra special Bahamian tax they add on. Scrap the whole area! It's not that great. The water is cold. So, if you're fantasizing about wallowing in water that's warm-forget it. Try Puerto Rico or Bermuda instead.

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Hotel Riu Palace Paradise Island
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