Don't Bother A review of JW Marriott Miami

Stayed here after a cruise in January, 2005. Made reservations through Marriott rewards, but at check out time, they wouldn't accept them. Even after they saw our coupons at check-in! Was embarassing, especially with my family watching.

They checked us into a room with wet floors in front of windows that smelled musty. Asked to be moved and they did not have same room type. Oh well, but they never apologized. Made me feel like I was being picky!

Asked for early check-in and sat in their bar for 3 hours waiting. We were drunk and checked in AFTER normal check-in. They never even offered to buy us a drink.

This hotel is close to nothing that is open during non-business hours. Concierge sent us to Coconut Grove for Indonesian food, but the restaurant didn't even know what kind of food that was! Still a good place though.

The only redeeming thing about this hotel is their pool and spa services.

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