Don't be fooled by the Bay Beach Inn A review of Quality Inn and Suites

I was headed on a road trip to Florida with a few of my friends and we booked all our hotels in advance over the internet and telephone. The bay beach inn looked really nice on their website, I thought it would be a very nice night. Once we got into our room we noticed a few things that made us really uncomfortable though. All the lamp shades were rusted through, the curtain looked like it had blood stains on it, coffee spills on all the tables, all the carpet was wet and lumpy, there was a huge group of bugs and there was a dirty towel left in the room. What kind of cleaning service is that? When we decided we weren't going to stay the night in that room we went to work it out with the manager and she quick listened to what we had to say and threw the key down and walked out. She, and the people at the front desk wouldn't even take a look at the room so we could show them what was wrong. I hope that place goes out of business real soon. I guess the main thing I've learned is that I do have the responsibility to ask to see my room before I check into it but I don't think anything as discusting as that room should still be in existance.

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