Don't arrive after 8pm!! A review of Inn At East Beach

I made reservaions a month in advance to stay at teh Inn while at a conference. I drove down from SF, leaving at 3pm. I called from the road to say I would be arriving late and was told that after 8pm, I would have to make a special arrangement for the room key. When I called back(construction in SLO slowed me up even more than expected), I was told that they would close at 11pm and no key arrangements could be made without advance notice. I asked if someone could stay an extra few minutes - I did think I could get there by 11 - or a few minutes later, I was told that they came in at 5(one assumes am) and no one would stay. Since I was talking to the manager, I asked for the owner. They would not give me his full name and said all correspondence to the owner would go through the desk. Luckily, a friend called around for me and found another room. The "inn" may have been good in Ronald Reagans time, but they are lacking in hospitality, customer service and just plain good manners. I would not recommend them for anything.

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