Doing just fine A review of Horseshoe Bay Resort Marriott

The first thing I want to say is that I am a hotel snob. If anyone can appreciate a five diamond hotel, I am that person. That being said, the Marriott Horsebay is doing just fine. While you are there, you have to remember that you are at a 3 diamond property, not a Ritz-Carlton or the like. Everyone we encountered from front desk check-in to managagement, pool bartenders, housekeeping and restaurant staff was on it. Sure there were a few bumps in the road, although nothing to take away from the beautiful setting and great job Marriott did at creating a resort. The men will go nuts for the beautiful sports bar and one-site putting course. One thing I am going to wait for until I go back is the planned on-site fitness center and spa, which is projected for the future. The resort did provide comp fitness facilities and spa(not comp) amenties at very nearby and walkable locations. Definitely worth it for a getaway weekend. Did I mention the Sunday brunch??? Quite a bargain at approx $27. Amazing hotel chef!!! Worth the trip for that!

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