Doesn't Get Much Better Than Small Hope A review of Small Hope Bay Lodge

My husband, ten-year old daughter and I had the extreme pleasure of being part of Small Hope's family the last week of June. I say family, as that's just how you're treated. The atmosphere is warm and easy-going. You truly have no worries, other than "Should I have the lobster or the curry lamb...the carrot cake or sugar cookies?"

We originally went just to get away from it all -- no phones, tvs, radios, newspapers. And believe me, we never missed them! The scuba diving option was nice and we thought maybe we'd try it. Try it we did and we are hooked!! Jason, Ami, Matt, Moose -- what a great team of divemasters. As total novices we felt absolutely secure in their care. We ended up going diving every day we could, sometimes twice a day!

Small Hope is definitely not for everyone. If you're looking for a "scene" and lots of touristy places to go, this is not the place for you. But if you want absolute relaxation, some great conversation (we met people from Italy, Paris, Germany during our week-long stay), and a simple,comfortable house-on-the-beach kind of atmosphere, reward yourself with a Small Hope stay.

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