Doesn't bode well A review of ABode Canterbury

We have just tried an overnight escape from the children at the newly refurbished and partly re-opened former County Hotel - now Abode Canterbury. There is a lot of hype locally about this hotel and the web-site gushes about the aspirations of the new owners.

Good bits first - it is fresh and clean and the champagne bar and restaurant have been sensitively renovated and modernised. Pre-lunch cocktails were great. Lunch in the restaurant was very good. The staff are young, friendly and clearly making a lot of effort. Noise from the bustling high street is not too intrusive and the location is fantastic, right in the centre of the city.

Bad bits - the Comfortable catagory of rooms are very small and uninspiring, the bathroom was tiny and despite hints on the web-site, the opportunity for any kind of social bathing was very limited. We asked to change to a bigger room but the Desirable room offered was very similar so we didn't bother. Maybe Enviable and Fabulous will live up to their names when they are available but we won't be back in a hurry to find out.

The quality of the food produced for evening room service was poor and disorganised. We gave breakfast in bed a miss in case it was more of the same and headed home.

Making allowances for the fact that they have been open only a few weeks it is perhaps unfair to expect the service to be good but the staff do need more training if the hotel is going to live up to its promises.

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