Do we have to leave?! A review of Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas

We originally booked to stay here 5 nights, and the remainder of our 2 week holiday elsewhere. We couldnt leave and ended up staying 10 nights here.

We got a direct swimout 2 bedroom room on the main part of the lagoon pool. It was incredible. Room was extremely well appointed and have fantastic kitchens/laundries.

Swimout room was a highlight for us (we have a 5 year old boy/fish), but I'm sure some people might not like people swiming past their balconies. We had no problem with privacy as the actual rooms are far enough back from the pool.

Some swimout rooms may not be as good as ours was - especially around the narrow lagoon & behind the spa / bar area. Try and get a room plan from the hotel to request a particular room that suits you best.

The lobby is spectacular and the restaurant was OK if not a bit limited (especially the breakfast buffet in which it was hard to get your money's worth) .

It's also worth noting the resort is a little way out of Port Douglas town (5 minute drive - definately not walkable) - but well connected with buses. Thats if you can get yourself to leave your swimout appartment!

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Sea Temple Resort & Spa Port Douglas
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