Do not stay here A review of The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland

We were treated like CRAP. My friend and I were sitting in the sixth floor lobby. She got her camera out to take a picture of a t-shirt we had bought. She took the picture and almost 2 seconds afterwards, an employee of the hotel walked over to us and told us that if we did not put put the camera away then we would be escourted from the hotel by their Security. He said it was because he didnt want us taking pictures of the guests. Right, until I see a t-shirt walk into the Ritz and make reservations... it is not a guest.That is not the only time we were harassed. We were sitting in the lobby, and another employee asked us if we were guests. She also asked what we were doing, and why. What we were waiting on, or who... ect. Then she proceeded to cover her rudeness with 'Would you like some water?' Um, what? What? No.. that offer would have worked if you had been nice THE first time. These employees need to go through training AGAIN.The THIRD & FOURTH times we were interrogated, we were still sitting in the lobby, and another employee comes up to us very rudely and asks 'Are you two guests here?' and before we could get the word 'yes' out of our mouth, he asked us AGAIN. 'Are you GUESTS?' We said YES! And he asked us plenty of questions. We informed him that it was very annoying to be sitting there, and having all of these people interrogate us. And he proceeded to ignore us.About 10 minutes later he came back, and informed us that we needed to move. I asked 'And why is that?' He said 'We have V.I.P. guests whole will be coming through the lobby area that do not wish to be approached!' Um.. ok? Who said I was going to approach them?All of this goes to show that the more you pay, the more you get. If you dont pay $600-$800 a night then you're not worth the dirt on the bottom of their shoes. Just as long as you stay out of the 'V.I.P.'s ' way, and stay inside your room the whole time, you will get away with no problem and no interrogation. But beware if you leave your room!

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