Do not stay here! A review of Sol & Luna Lodge & Spa

We stayed three nights at the Sol y Luna during our honeymoon, this turned out to be the worst part of our trip in South America. Upon arrival we ended up booking through the hotel a rafting and horseback riding trip, we had little choice as the hotel provides no information at all on the Valley... they simply want you to book everything through their concierge or use the facilities at the hotel (there are numerous complaints about this on the Guest Book in the hall).

The day prior the horseback riding my pregnant wife was food poisoned at the hotel restaurant, she was extremely ill and even fainted. Getting the concierge to find a doctor to come to the hotel was a VERY hard task, they kept telling us to take a taxi and go to the local hospital. In fact, the first thing they did when we told them about the sickness was to inform us that regardless of the cause we would be billed the full US$200 for the horses we had booked the previous day. Naturally our mindset at the time was not on arguing over charges, so while at the end we managed to get a doctor over (who run blood tests and confirmed the food poisoning), at check-out we had to pay for the dinner, the doctor and one of the horses... I think this is insane management of a hotel, regardless of the number of stars.

Throughout our stay we had serious problems with the management whose only aim is to increase guest's bill at every opportunity, so while the hotel's exterior and rooms are very nice, we strongly recommend that you stay elsewhere for an enjoyable and fun vacation.

As you may notice from their website no prices are posted on the activities advertised, after reading this, don't be surprised at the US$8 internet rate (for half hour) we were asked by the front desk... of course while we stayed there only one other room was occupied (surpise, surpise)

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