Do not stay here!!!!!!! A review of Quality Inn Boardwalk

TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! This was the worst hotel I have ever seen. To begin my story, my family and I drove to ocean city from New Jersey. We had booked on expedia for $244.16 a night. Upon arrival we checked in and I asked to use the lobby bathroom, but there was none so they gave me a pool key and sent me into the bathroom there which was appauling! After that we proceded to check in and unpack. The room was on the first floor and close to the hotel entrance. Upon entry, there was a nasty smell in the room. The room was dark and musty. The bathroom was a disgusting blue tile with a stained mirror and water damaged windowsill. There was rust in the shower and the vanity was falling apart. The kitchen out of the 70's was terrible, stained, rusty, and uncleaned for a very long time. The appliances must have been over 20 years old. Our room had an "amazing" ocean front view of the back of the pool bar and fence. Inside there was a place where the room divides with a curtain like divider and on the area where it anchors to the wall there was water and mold damage on the ceiling and wallpaper. The beds were extremely uncomfortable. I slept with my clothes on and was afraid to touch any part of it. During the night severe rain running off of the rooftop through a drainage pipe cascaded in front of the room onto a car creating the sounds of a waterfall directly outside. I did not sleep. The next moring when we went to take a shower with sandals on since you didn't want to touch the floor, there was no hot water. We decided to end this and check out. We drove away never to return and decided to drive to Orlando and had a wonderful vacation! Overall I would say DO NOT STAY here under any circumstances. The management was not accomodating either. I wrote to the corporate offices about this hotel and am waiting for a reply.

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