!!! DO NOT STAY HERE !! A review of Miami International Airport Hotel

What can I say - whatever you do, do not stay here! This is definately the worst hotel I have ever stayed at! The hotel was indeed under renovation (which we were NOT advised of from the agency when booking or prior to arrival) and therefore the pool/spa/gym was closed. Despite the renovations (which the hotel is in bad need of) it was dirty and smelly! We payed a high price for this hotel, moreso than the lovely 4* hotels we had just come from and were appalled by the condition of this hotel. There was garbage (old crisp bags, cups, cigarette butts, dirt) on EVERY level on the lobbies and despite telling the dront desk, it was all still there the next day! The restaurant looked grubby and therefore we refused to eat there. The room smelt like a males lavatory and the was VERY dated, cramped and dingly. The sheets appeared clean but a little stained and the curtains hanging off the hooks. The bath tub was all cracked and therefore we refused to bathe in it, washing at the sink! I requested a room change and got 2 other rooms but they were just as bad, if not worse. The airport still advertises this hotel on billboards as being luxurious and not under renovation (see photo 1) but it certianly is not what you get (see other pics!) I WOULD NEVER RETURN TO THIS HOTEL - I am sure it will be better when renovations are complete but attitudes to cleanliness on lobbies/restaurant has put me off!

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