Do not stay here! A review of Crowne Plaza St. Louis - Clayton Hotel

This hotel needs remodeling. We booked the room through priceline...but I'm not even sure it is worth the deal we got ($70 a night). The room was TINY and old. The wallpaper and bathroom tiles look like they've been here since the 50's. We paid to use the valet parking service and there was NEVER a valet on duty when we came to drop off the car (it probably would have been easier to just park the car ourselves). On top of that the driveway was always so crowded you could hardly get in or out. The elevator smelled like vomit. Worst of all, the shower in our room didn't work (unless you like the choice of scalding hot or freezing cold when you bathe). When we checked in I asked the guest services rep what room we were in and he responded "I wrote it on the card". He didn't even hand me the keys, just set them on the counter when I wasn't looking and ignored me. Furthermore, when we called to ask to get the shower fixed they were unresponsive...the second time we called they finally apologized and sent someone up...but he couldn't fix it and nobody ever called again to offer a new room or any other options.

This hotel is aweful! We stayed here because it was close to Wash U but I rather drive 30 min. then stay another night at the Crowne Plaza in Clayton.

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