Do not stay here A review of Grizzly Jack's Grand Bear Resort

If you don't feel like reading this whole review, here are some highlights: No hot water, disgusting water at that broken water pipe unfriendly, arrogant, harassing, unreasonable, small-minded, rude managers expensive DO NOT STAY HERE Recently my family, friends, and I decided to book a "luxury" cabin at Grizzly Jack's Resort for three days of what was anticipated to be full of fun, good times and adventure. I put "luxury" in quotation marks and you will see why as you read this review. When we first arrived, check-in went pretty well. The people at the front desk were nice, and gave us directions to the cabin. Although the cabin was hard to find, we finally found it. We decided to make food, only to find that one of the pots had what looked to be MOLD on it. If it wasn't mold, I don't know what else it was. But, we decided to look past it because we aren't ones to normally complain, and we wanted to just have a good time. Then, we went on to discover that the cabin wasn't even equipped with pans. We were stuck making grilled cheeses and taco meat in pots. Again, this wasn't too big of a deal, so we decided to look past it. But then we turned the water on - and let me tell you that if you smelled it, you wouldn't want to use it for ANYTHING. Not to shower, not to cook with, not to drink. Good thing we brought bottled water, although that didn't solve our shower problem. But, we decided to look past that too and try and have a good time. All was going great; we were playing games outside, we were listening to music, and later in the night we were all inside watching the Stanley Cup final game. Then there was a knock on the door, and it was the manager. Apparently, a different cabin in their resort was filled with teenagers that were getting obnoxiously and drinking, so the managers found it necessary to knock on every occupied cabin's door and ask for the chaperone/ the person that had checked in. Well, our chaperone had gone down to the bar that is in the resort to watch the Stanley Cup game, because he wanted to enjoy a drink by himself. They demanded that he come back, so we did as we were told and called him, and he was back within ten minutes. When he got back, they basically told him that he needed to be there every minute of every day because he was the "chaperone". The funny thing is that the managers never cared to ask us for any of our ages or IDs, so they just automatically assumed that we were all under the age of 21 and needed a chaperone, which was not true. But, we complied with their rules because we didn't want to cause any problems. Throughout the rest of the night, the managers came knocking on the door 2 or 3 more times, which I would consider harassment, considering every time they knocked on the door we did as they said and gave them absolutely no issues. At about midnight, when we were all getting ready to go to bed, someone in the basement of the cabin heard water running. Thinking that maybe somebody took a shower and left the water running, she got up to go turn it off, only to find that one of the pipes in the laundry room had broken and water was spilling EVERYWHERE. If she hadn't noticed, the whole basement would have been underwater. So we figured out how to turn the water softener off, and configured something to make the water that was spilling out pour into the drain like it was supposed to. We called the front desk immediately, and they told us that they don't have a maintenance staff on call 24/7, which we thought was a little ridiculous considering it is a hotel. So it was either we move all of our stuff and everybody to a different cabin at 1 in the morning, or we wait until 8 am for the maintenance guys to come. Because we were tired and aggravated, we opted to stay and wait for the maintenance guys. So, we went to sleep, and at 8 am the maintenance guys came, and fixed the problem. They left, and we all proceeded to go back to bed because we had a late night staying up with the broken water pipe. One girl decided to take a shower, only to find that there was no hot water. This was not due to the broken pipe, because they didn't have anything to do with eachother. The chaperone couldn't sleep, so he went into town to get coffee. At 9 am, there was a hard pounding at the door, waking everybody up and disturbing everybody. We answered the door, and there was the general manager Brett Sullivan and another manager Ryan Greaves, demanding to know where the chaperone was. Not only did we not get an apology for the broken pipe or an apology for pounding on the door at 9 am, they were rude. They asked us to get the chaperone back here within 10 minutes. So naturally, our chaperone sped into the parking lot because he wanted to get back as soon as he could to find out what the managers wanted. As soon as he got out of the car, the managers yelled at him for speeding into the lot, even though they were the ones that told us to get him back within 10 minutes. So, they then proceeded to tell us that it would be best for us to leave, even though we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to get "kicked out" of this "luxury" cabin. Then, they told us we had until 9:45 to get out (it was about 9:15 when they said this) or they were calling the police. Fed up and annoyed, we were HAPPY to leave. So we gathered all of our stuff, hoping we didn't forget anything considering we were given 30 minutes to get 18 people out of a cabin, and left. The chaperone went to the lobby to check out, and was told that was we would get our security deposit back and that we would be refunded for the second night. Wanting it in writing, the lady at the front desk told us she couldn't confirm that was true until she got authorization from the managers that were pounding on our door at 9 am. Wanting to leave because we were so aggravated, we told her to have them call us if they weren't giving us the money back. So on the way home, we received a phone call that we would not be getting a refund of $850 for the second night because we "were asked to leave" even though we did nothing for them to ask us to leave. Then they told us we would not be getting our $1,000 security deposit back. Then they even had the nerve to tell us that one of us must have kicked the water pipe and that's how it broke, because "they don't just break on their own". After arguing back and forth, they said they would let us know how much money from the security deposit we would get back, if any at all, after they shampooed the rugs. I normally wouldn't take the time out of my day to write a negative review about a place, but I think it was necessary to write one for this resort, because what they did was ignorant and wrong. I don't think they know was "hospitality" means. I don't know what happened to this place, because I went here a couple years ago and everything was great. But now they just have ignorant, rude, arrogant managers running the place that seem to be scamming people out of their money. I would definitely NOT RECOMMEND this place to anyone, even if you aren't planning on getting a cabin. If this is what their "luxury" cabins are like, I can't imagine what their normal hotel rooms are like. Do yourself and your family a favor, and stay somewhere else. I'm sure you can find a better, less expensive, friendlier hotel than this one, because it isn't hard to beat.
Reviewed by Jun 19, 2013

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