DO NOT STAY HERE IF GOING TO NYC A review of Ramada Plaza Hotel Newark Intl Airport /EWR

Technically it's an average hotel.

Pros: Clean, no smoking, good beds, pillows, bath kits available, wi-fi internet, business center ($0.20 internet per minute), microwave in the ground floor, vending machines, coffee shop, souvenir shop and restaurant. Price was really good, check-out was fast.

Cons: The rooms facing airport was a little noise (from airport). Heating spreaded a terrible smell. Service rooms not the best (be carefull with your stuff). They don't keep your luggage after check-out. You can only cancell reservation prior 6 days in advance.

The hotel is way too far from airport (if using complimentary shuttle, otherwise by car is really fast). The shuttle takes ages to come from and to the airport and it's usually quite packed. One day I waited over 40 minutes, really the worst thing about Holiday Inn (and when they receive customers complains, they said they were on schedule and everybody got upset).

If you're visiting NY, just pick HInn if you're on an extremely low budget or if you intend to use car. Otherwise, NY is best seem by Subway, so good hotel shuttle service can makes all difference. Hilton, Marriot and Hampton Inn (by Hilton) offered the best shuttle services. I saw them going several times before I catch HInn Shuttle. HInn was $90, Hampton is $130, Marriott $200 and Hilton 110-150 (I guess Hilton is by far the best choice). Other great choice might be Hilton Newark Gateway at Penn Station for $130, it saves you money from airport to Newark Penn (about $7.50) and time (belive me, you will need lots of time once visiting nyc). Price comparisson according the date of my trip (October 2006).

Now adding some information about NY for those who are staying in Newark area: hotel prices are 50% below NY rates, but you may have great options in NYC if you plan ahead, because cheapest-and-good hotels usually get sold out pretty fast. NYC can be reached from Newark by following options: 1) car (beware of possible slow traffic) 2) Public ground transport ($2.75 - $1.25 for Bus #62 all terminals from NJ Airport to Newark Penn station and $1.50 from Penn to NY by Path - overall 1:30 duration to max 2hours) 3) NJ Transit ($14 - 25 minutes + waiting time max 30 minutes, resulting overall max time of 55 minutes) 4) NJ Transit and Path ($7.50 + $1.50) 5) Bus services CoachUSA ($14 - 25 minutes + waiting time, max total time 40 minutes, if you don't get traffic).

I tried every way to reach NY and I found Bus Services by CoachUSA the best. Confortable trip, not much waiting, leaving airport every 15 minutes and the same price as NJ Transit. I took NJ transit too, confortable trip but usually it took 30 minutes waiting, more 10 minutes to passangers get in.

So, if you're going to NY, I do not recommend Holiday Inn, cos I lost too much time of my trip waiting for the shuttle which was not worth the savings. (Other hotels that also took long time for shuttle: Ramada inn, Courtyard Elizabeth). I would rather recommend Hilton, Hampton Inn and Marriott, if you gonna depend on hotel shuttles.

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