Do not stay at the Hyatt Saint Claire A review of The Sainte Claire

I attended a convention in San Jose (at another hotel) and stayed at the Sainte Claire. I had booked through Expedia and the hotel clerk couldn't find my reservation. That isn't so bad and stuff happens. It was that night when I went to bed that bad stuff started to happen. I went to sleep early (still on Eastern time) and woke up a few hours later with a feeling of something biting my legs. I got up turn on the lights but couldn't see anything. Figured I was dreaming laid down again and felt these little bites again. This time I got up pulled the sheets off and checked the mattress. There was a thick (down?) pad on top of the mattress that looked to be stained with what looked like blood and stuff I couldn't imagine or want too. I told the staff about the biting and dirty mattress the next morning as asked it to be cleaned and changed. It wasn't. Should have complained more but didn't.

Emailed Hyatt when I got home and heard from their people who said that they would talk to the hotel manager and I have not heard anything since. Don't stay here or at least in room 533.

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