Do not expect any service A review of Hilton Newark Airport

We stayed here at this hotel on Jan 22nd 2005, on which 18 inches of snow covered the entire east coast. My family was traveling back from oversees at Newark Airport and I was driving from Philadelphia to pick them up. Knowing the bad weather condition, I decided to book the room at Hilton and stay overnight before returning back to Philly on following day.

Well, while driving to hotel from airport and just two blocks before the hotel, my car got stuck in the snow!!! Right in the middle of Rt 1&9 and with my three year old son, I decided to abandoned the car and walk two blocks to hotel for some help. We walked two blocks in sub freezing and snowing condition to the hotel.

Upon check-in, they told me that reservation had booked me for one king size bad when infect I had booked two double beds. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, front desk staff, specially the lady on duty on the night of 23rd was very rude and unprofessional. I asked front desk to help me call the towing company for car which was stuck in snow just outside the hotel. Front desk staff pretty much ignored me and did not help out at all. I was not really expecting much help in terms of getting my car out but I did expect some sympathy specially in a blizzard like conditions in one of the worst winter storm to hit east coast in long time.

I left my wife and kids in the hotel and went back to car and fortunately found a tow truck to help me pull out the car. Well, my experience did not end there. After out in cold for almost two hours trying to get my car, out, I called for food at the restaurant and the wait time given was for 45 minutes. Well, 90 minutes passed and no food!!! I called back the restaurant and they said that there was a mixup in order and therefore my food was delivered to someone else. Another 30 minutes passed and my food arrived at 11:45 in the morning. To add to misery, we called housekeeping in morning for toothpaste which was never delivered.

By this time we were so tired that we ate little and went to sleep. I have been Hilton gold member for several years and I typically have good experience with the hotel chain. This was one exception. They really need to work on improving service quality at this hotel.

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