Disgustingly Filthy & Very Substandard A review of Quality Inn and Suites

Like the others I too searched this motel out via their website. It looked like a dream come true for the value the offered. I had the misfortune of being asked to make a trip down to the coast at the last minute during a very booked weekend all over. First alarm that went off was at checking in when they told me my Visa declined, knowing full well I had plenty of credit on my card. Next was the sign informing me they did not acccept check cards either. I had to use thier ATM for cash to pay for the room. I booked a premium room with a view of the bay or the pool. The view was of the bay if I was standing in the parking lot. The room was filthy, food and trash behind the night table. Trash in the drawers, horrible stains all over the carpet. Holes in the blankets. Lamp shades had mold and rust, lamps were broken. Dirt and crude on all the furniture. No fans in the bathroom, therefore mold on the tiles. No water pressure and hot water comes and goes. It was the cheapest looking hotel I had the misfortune of having to spend two nights at in my life. The only plus they have is the bayfront and a nice restrurant. I would advise anyone else to sleep in thier cars before staying in this hotel. I wrote them a long list of the horrors of thier rooms and gave it to them at check out. The clerk was very rude when I handed it to her and verbaly told her how dirty the room had been. No apology offered.

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