Disgusting! A review of Comfort Suites Downtown Buffalo

I have stayed here before when it was a Radisson and it has gone straight to ---.

After checking in I wanted to take a shower, however there were no towels in the room after calling down twice, and an hour later, I finally got some.

I went into the shower and found old soap that someone had left in there and hairs in the bathtub.

The shower was scalding hot because there was no cold water in the whole room, not any of the faucets, nowhere. Even the toilet had hot water going to it because when you flushed steam would come out of it. The toilet had a huge crack in it and a hole in the porcelain.

After the horrible shower experience I laid on the bed to watch TV and the picture above the bed came off the wall and barely missed me.

None of the ice machines worked, the furniture and carpet had burn holes everywhere.

The next day when I was packing up I found a used condom by the nightstand.


I told the front desk about all of this and they gave me half off, they should not have charged me at all.

Stay away from this --- hole!

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