Disgusting place. A review of Adventurer Allsuite Hotel

This place was absolutely appalling. I booked a dorm bed here as I had just arrived from australia and had a 12 hour layover during the day before flying to Mexico. I just wanted somewhere to chill out and have a shower and maybe head to the beach for a bit. First of all its in a pretty dodgy neighborhood. The taxi driver was quizzing me on why a 'young lady' would stay in such a bad neighbourhood. It didn't seem to bad to walk around during the day, you tell it was poorer, but okay I day light hours. I wouldn't have ventured out at night on my own though. The room was disgustingly dirty. The door was wide open when I arrived, and my bed had been slept on. The shower was filthy. I figured I'd just bail for the day and spend as little time there as possible. I am pretty sure most of the people staying there are locals, and very dodgy ones at that. I wanted to lock my gear up in one of the security lockers, but there were none free. I was almost certain that my bag would be gone by the time I got back from the beach. Most of this could have probably been forgiven if the staff were friendly. They were the rudest, obnoxious and unhelpful people I have ever met. The outwardly mocked a non English speaking girl in front of everyone because they couldn't understand what she was saying and she was trying her hardest to communicate in English. They provided absolutely now assistance to any of the genuine travellers on how to get around. I am just astounded this place exists. I have traveled far and wide in this world and this wins the award for the worst hostel ever, by a mile. There were no lockers left
Reviewed by Jul 17, 2012
Adventurer Allsuite Hotel
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