Disgusting hotel! A review of Quality Inn Boardwalk

The Quality Inn Boardwalk is indeed a poor excuse for a hotel! I would not recommend it to anyone. I am sorry I stayed there myself. Dirty does not begin to describe how gross our room was. There were stains on the carpets, couch, and walls. The wallpaper was falling off and the bathroom mirror had so much dirt crusted on it that I suspect it has been there as long as the hotel itself! Thank God I brought my own pillows, blankets and Lysol! If it were not for the beautiful ocean view, I would have cried! Unfortunately, this was our first trip to Ocean City and we were ignorant. Sad to say, that this hotel has unfortunately influenced my desire to ever return to Ocean City. At the prices being charged, you would think that they could at least maintain the rooms and keep them clean! What a disappointment!

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Quality Inn Boardwalk
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