Discover Fredricksburg on your Spring Break! A review of Fredericksburg Inn & Suites

It's our "favorite" place. It meets every expectation. It is above and beyond measure. Its Fredricksburg, Texas! I highly reccomend staying at Fredricksburg Inn and Suites. It was recenlty renovated and they have left nothing out. An outdoor brick fireplace, two gorgeous pools, a tranquil stone hot-tub, and great service from the hotel staff. If you want a bed and breakfast setting, call Gausthaus Schimdt, They can accomodate your every need. The have an office downtown Fredickburg, and will "custom" design your Fredricksburg getaway. Pack up the family, and head to Enchanted Rock. You will love the magnificent sights. (try to make it to

the top)!! Do not forget to make your way to the Hanger Diner for a superb lunch. (the daily specials are great)! Sit back, relax and watch the planes take-off, and land. Hope you viist soon!!!

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