Disappointing A review of Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa

I sometimes wonder where in the world other reviewers have been when they rave about places. We were very disappointed with our week at this resort. To start with, the journey was awful. Flights were changed and we were left hanging about Raratonga airport for hours, both coming and going (surely the worst in the world - when there's no flight due, they switch off the lights and go home! No cafe, nothing.)

We had a garden bungalow, which was adequate, nothing more. These are badly designed so that everyone's deck faces someone else's! No privacy. We had been assured that there was good snorkeling there, a main reason for going, but the lagoon was murky and smelt of sulphur and there was no coral and few fish. The snorkel boat trip wasn't really worth doing and expensive. In fact, everything seemed to be 'extra'.We went to the Pacific Resort and found it much nicer and the snorkeling good from the beach.

The staff were nice and friendly but the food wasn't much to write home about. We tended to eat across the way at Samade. Everywhere seemed half empty, including our hotel. Car and scooter hire was very cheap, however, and the roads were also empty.

I admit the weather didn't help when we were there. We had rain on and off for the first few days, but it did the clear up and was beautiful.

Would I go back? No. And a week was probably too long.

However, if the management has changed, things may have improved.

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