"Disappointing" A review of Carlton Hotel & C Spa Kinsale

Myself and my Husband arrived on a wet evening with our three young children. We had booked a "Chalet" which is a three bedroom house type seperated from the hotel. We unpacked our bags from the car and took the kids inside to check in. We were told at the desk by a rather rude lady that our room would be ready in ten mins and to go to the bar for a refreshment. We did this and found the bar quite small, also there was no real kids menu and when i asked the waitress she didnt seem to understand what i was talking about.

We were ytold our room was ready and then informed that we must pack the car up again and drive to the Chalet, when i asked for some one to help i was told there was no one, so myself and my husband and 3 small children went back out into the rain and to our room. We tried to ring room service and were told that we could not receive room service as they didint do it in the Chalets! My husband and i went to bed hungry as we couldnt leave the children alone and it was well past their bed time.

Breakfast was a little cold but the restaurant was lovely and the breakfast staff were a pleasure.

We tried to go for a walk into town but it was 3 miles away and the road is very dangerous to walk on so we strolled around the grounds

I went to the pool with the kids after lunch in the bar which (for want of a better word) was edible, and was informed that children were not allowed in the pool as it annoyed the other guests. I had 2 three year olds devastated! My husband and i decided to leave and were informed that if we left early we would have to pay for the 3 nights as this is what we booked.

We thought this was ridiculous but paid and packed up and went to another hotel in the town.

Overall very disapointing especially with the reception staff who are in serious need of training.

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